Wow! Will you check this out! I finally had a little time to update my website...or at least, change it up a little.  I added some great oldies, some new goodies and some random doodle-sketches that just seemed like fun. There's a little for everyone here. Just understand that the artwork found on my site may (and usually does) contain HUMOR, NUDITY, SEXUAL INNUENDO, NAUGHTY LANGUAGE, don't get offended or something and send me crazy hate-mails.


For those whom don't know me...



I am BABS! the great.


I'm a cartoonist, an illustrator and a graphic artist. I have worked with multiple mediums in the past but my current work usually features pencil, ink, marker and watercolor. My regular hobbies include doodle-sketching in one of my many sketch volumes, writing comic stories (I'm working on two very long stories right now) and researching them. I also enjoy reading, eating sushi, photography and spending time with my family and friends. During the day I work as a full-time graphic artist in beautiful downtown Vero Beach, Florida (PARADISE!!!). At night, I try to fit some personal, non-computerized projects into the day.


If you have any questions, feel like chatting, want a commission, need a print for your happy home---please contact me. I'll be happy to work with you!

Unless otherwise noted: all artwork belongs to and is copyrighted by BABS! the great. All rights reserved. Please be kind and support small, local artists and businesses. AND DON'T STEAL, MISAPPROPRIATE or otherwise RIP-OFF someone's hard work. It's rude.